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The 90 Day Author is a unique mission that lets you realize the dreams of seeing your book published in just three months. There are thousands of authors in the world and almost all, barring a very few, would take a long time to have their manuscript turned into a book. The entire exercise is time consuming, laborious and many authors often struggle to stay afloat during this lengthy but unavoidable process. At The 90 Day Author, you can breathe a sigh of relief and see your book shape up in just 90 days.

The 90 Day Author is not just about looking at the capability of doing business in a book but also its quality, presentation and how the entire manuscript takes form from a virtual soft copy to a printed or electronic book. Among numerous benefits that you can reap with The 90 Day Author, here are just two that would offer you a giant leap of a start.

Saving Time & Money

Lengthy processes are not only time consuming but also more expensive. Publishers know this.When a book is worked upon at the edit table or while designing the book cover, if the job is done in less time, then the staffs can move on to their next assignment.

Whether you opt for the self-publishing route or the conventional route, more time would either incur more expenses for you or less revenue. It is easy to imagine how many clients you could have engaged had your book been published 90 days earlier. This can only be attained when time is maximized in the prep stages. The ability of doing business in a book in pure financial terms also gets enhanced in the process.​​


​The Forerunner in Your Field of Expertise

Ideas are floating around in millions of minds. There is no way to guarantee that a certain author has the most unique idea or story which no other author is conceiving. Being a forerunner in your field of expertise is important.

How to Become a Recognized Leading Authority

The reality is that becoming an author is now a very advantageous position to be in.  Anyone is able to expound on what they have the most knowledge about. Becoming an author is a vehicle to catapult entrepreneurs into a new phase of business growth. The key is to recognize the paradigm shift in the business industry.  Then, take advantage of the opportunity to get your book out in the public to countless clients or potential clients throughout the world.


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