Dominion 12 – Superhero Kids Against Bullying


Are you sick and tired of all of the bullying going on today? Kids bullying kids. Adults bullying kids. Adults bullying adults. The victims of bullying becoming the bad person when they retaliate. It’s really becoming an epidemic. How would you like to support something that is trying to change this in a creative way? With this project, you can do just that.

What Is Dominion 12 Superhero Kids Against Bullying?

Dominon 12 Superhero Kids Against Bullying is a comic book series. There is one book out right now on Amazon (Kindle version) and the printed version is available.

This comic book series is mainly created in order to support a movement against bullying and in order to change the act of bullying in a very creative way.

In this day, there are a lot of kids who are committing suicide because of the fact that they cannot handle all of the bullying that they get from other kids around them. There are also those individuals who cannot leave their house for fear of being bullied. Bullying has really been an epidemic that is why this comic book series was made in order to create a way to stop this act. In this world where bullying is quite prevalent and bullies seem to be everywhere, the Dominion 12 Superhero Kids Against Bullying is setting the standard of bullying prevention.

The Dominion 12 Superhero Kids Against Bullying will serve as a creation of something that is meaningful and educational for children all over the world. This also serves as a part of the solution of the bullying that is now happening to the different parts of the earth. This is also created mainly in order to make a great difference in today’s world.

As part of the campaign, we are now seeking individual and corporate contributors from the national and international community to contribute funds as we move towards our endeavor of doing something educational and entertaining about the act bullying. Those individuals who will contribute will be contributing to a worthy cause.

Each book will be published monthly and will cover a specific bullying topic.  Then, after the twelve books are created, additional marketing items will be created on order to complement all the superheroes based on the books. Our ultimate goal is to create a television series. This is primarily created to promote a campaign against bullying.

What Are The Plot Details Of This Comic Book Series?

Just In 2516, the Universe is no longer absent of life as many believe in 2013. Space has become a community, a community of which Earth is a relatively new member. In the future, there are species that have lived much longer than human beings have. During this time, the human race is actually quite young. Some races quarrel with each other. Some races, such as humans take advantage of younger and weaker races. Humans treat younger races unfairly, much like the older races treat them. A group of the wisest and oldest races formed to fix this problem.

This group called upon a young intergalactic peace leader named Nevaeh to travel back in time to Earth. They want Nevaeh to teach Earth’s children the ways of understanding and peace. The goal is to stop bullying before it spread to other planets.

The group warned Nevaeh that her mission would be very difficult as humans are a stubborn and sometimes hurtful species. However, they concluded, great potential was still possible within humans and, for the current time, remained worth the effort. They had placed much faith in her and she felt honored.

The group told her to choose ten of the most promising Earth children and train them to be her peace force. She would be allowed to give them some special powers that Earthlings would not have discovered for another three hundred years. They would be able to travel to anywhere on their planet in a blink. And each of these children would have their own unique powers that Nevaeh would choose for them.

This was her task. She was honored by this and yet, couldn’t help to feel something she hadn’t felt in a long-long-time. She tried to ignore the other feeling as she thought about her journey ahead.


Wrap Up/Nevaeh and Dunamis

Nevaeh marveled at the Earth’s brilliant colors.  She wondered how such a beautiful planet could be so ugly.  Her mission was to stop bullying among Earth children before it got out of hand, turned to violence, and reached other planets by the year 2516.  It was quite a task.

However, she was ready.  She felt good.  She had chosen the best to help her.  There was hope, and it would most likely fall on the shoulders of these children.

“So, Dunamis, I used your research the best I could.”  Nevaeh said to the ship’s robot as he floated above the upper console.

“Agree…Nevaeh.”  They are an inspiring bunch, despite they are humans.”  He said trying not to be funny, as being funny was one of Dunamis’ main programs.

“Would you like to review your choices?”  Dunamis asked her as he floated to her side.

He projected pictures and data onto the mainframe screen in front of them.

He turned his metallic-triangular shaped head, his eyes turned bright green, and he asked, “shall I?”

“You shall, my robotic companion.” Nevaeh answered.

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